Old Fire Station Piano Gallery

Old Fire Station Piano Gallery

Some of our Stock ready for restoration

This Bellette Mini Piano in the start up of its resoration
The pictures below show the start phase of the restoration of the lovely mini piano.
In Hand Polished Walnut Satin finish with a lovely touch and tone.
When finished soon this piano will be on sale for 450 with free delivery to local destinations.
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This Small British Upright Piano has now been refurbished and French Polished to have this wonderful look and lovely sound as it is tuned to concert pitch. For sale at 450 with Free Local Delivery, the pictures below show the finished piano.


Our next restoration project is this Piccolo Piano Forte Manufactured by Robert Wornum
The pictures below show the condition it is when it came along to us.
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W. Daneman. Circa 1920 a Pianola rebuild for a customer.
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Air driven by the footpedals it plays all 88 notes, new paper tunes are still produced to this day.
The movie on the right shows this Pianola in action, it is still being tuned after any work is done on this lovely machine.

Click here to see a movie of this wonderful pianola in action, the large foot pedals fold out to be pumped to create the air pressure, and fold away when you want to play as a normal piano.

This Antique action Upright Piano restoration is nearing completion
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Bluthner Grand Piano
The pictures below show a Bluthner Grand Piano in the process of being restored.
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This Rosewood piano measure 6' 10" and was manufactured around the year of 1890.
The first coat of Reguilding of the frame has taken place, which will air dry for a number of days before a second coat.
Then re-stringing this instrument with brand new strings all newly calculated to the correct lengths.

The shimming of the sound board is now complete, now dressing the frame with Bluthner Blue Felts

The re-stringing process goes well with all the preperation done

The re-stringing continues with the thicker bass strings, while work on the hammer assembly starts with renewing the hammers.

Now Fully re-strung, the strings are gradually and evenly tightened throughout to avoid undue stresses.

Replacement of all the damper pads and their re-fitting

The Keys and mechanisms are replaced with new pads

Daneman Pianola
Rebuilding pianola action, then regulating ready for play, before installing the pianola mechanism.

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